What Are The Essential Items You Need To Pack For A Cycling Tour?

You may have wanted to take a cycling tour for a while but wondered exactly how much you should bring with you. While you should try to pack as light as you can, after all, you will be carrying everything with you on the bike, you need to take certain essential items with you. What are the most important items to take? This list includes some of the most important ones.

Versatile Clothes

When packing for a cycling tour it is essential to pack clothes that are very versatile. This means, you can wear them both on the bike and off. You should pack comfortable shirts and pants or shorts preferably either tight-fitting or as snug as you can get so the cuffs don't get caught in the peddles, but also comfortable to wear walking around each destination. Jackets should be waterproof and keep you warm but not overheated. Don't forget your gloves and helmet and a rain jacket as well.

Pack Water

While you will be stopping at different locations, it's best to have some refillable bottles or bladders with you on the bike filled with water. You might reach a town where the stores are closed and you could be out of luck buying bottled water, so don't count on it. You could also go long stretches in the countryside and not see any stores or restaurants for a long time. It's important to keep hydrated, so bring water with you.


Don't forget to pack two pairs of shoes for your journey. One pair you will wear on the bike and the other for when you are walking around each location. The bike pair should be specially made to fit perfectly on the peddles so your feet don't slip off while riding. These can be shoes that actually clip to the peddles, but you can also purchase ones that simply rest firmly on top. Your other pair should be comfortable walking shoes, ones that will give your feet a break from the confining bike shoes.

Tool Kit

It's very important to bring a tool kit with you. It's possible you will need to make repairs to your bike along the way like, fixing a leaking tire or oiling the chain and you don't want to be stuck with nothing to fix them. It's a good idea to have a portable pump, patches and even a couple of extra links for your chain.

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