3 Tips for Having a Successful Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Whether you have always dreamed of going deep sea fishing or just simply accepted an invite to join a friend on their trip, being prepared is the best way to ensure that the time on the water is enjoyable. The following tips can help you prep for your fishing adventure.

Tip #1: Be prepared for open water

If you have spent a lot of time on the water, then you likely already know your likelihood of becoming seasick. On the other hand, if this is your first time on the ocean, it's best to prepare as though you are someone that becomes seasick easily. The key to avoiding or minimizing seasickness is to go out fully hydrated and then stay hydrated once on the boat. Avoid alcohol, as well. Sun protection can also help minimize the chances of seasickness. Finally, pick up a seasickness medication and follow the dosing instructions. Usually it needs to be taken several hours before you set out to ensure it's fully activated.

Tip #2: Dress the part

It may be sunny and hot on the beach, but weather on the open water is often different. Dress in layers, with lightweight layers on the bottom and heavier layers on the top. Don't forget a wide-brimmed hat and windbreaker, as well. You can take off the heavier layers if you don't need them, and put them back on if a cool wind kicks up. You should also bring sunglasses and a strap to keep them in place, since the sunlight off the water can lead to headaches. Finally, avoid showing too much skin, even if it is warm. Exposed skin is more likely to suffer burns and sun damage when on the open water.

Tip #3: Know the gear expectations

Work with the deep sea fishing charter in advance so you know exactly what you need to bring. A full service charter will usually provide everything, including poles and tackle. Some will even provide coolers for you to take home your catch, while others will require that you provide your own. Smaller charters may only provide boat services, which means you will have to buy or rent your fishing gear and supply your own bait. If this is your first trip, a full service charter that also provides a skilled fishing guide is the better choice.

For more help, contact a deep sea fishing charter company in the area you want to fish.

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