Four Tips To Catch More Striped Bass

The striped bass (commonly referred to as a striper) is a popular game fish with fishermen in part because they are so elusive. This game fish is constantly on the move and has a reputation for being picky when it comes to what kind of bait or lure it is willing to go for. If you are tired of coming home empty handed, check out these easy tips to help you catch more striped bass. 

1. Consider Fishing in Areas with Lower Visibility

Successfully fooling striped bass into biting can be tricky when the water is crystal clear. The striper can see that something is off about the lure. Instead, try casting in an area with lower visibility. Fishermen who frequently fish for striped bass report that whitewater is a prime place to catch striped bass. White water refers to the areas of white, foamy water created by breaking waves or swift currents. 

You can also try areas of the water that have muddier water. Make sure that your lure has some color if you opt for muddier waters. You want to make make sure the striper can spot it without automatically identifying it as a fake. 

2. Use a Teaser Rig

If you are having trouble getting the striped bass to take your lure, consider adding a teaser rig. A teaser rig is a lure that has a small feather or flash in front of your main offering. The reasoning behind using a teaser rig is that finicky bass who may ignore a larger lure will frequently attack a smaller rig. 

3. Get Help Locating the Striped Bass

It can be difficult to catch a striped bass if you can't even find them. During the fall and spring seasons, striped bass are notorious for only spending a day or two in a locale before they move on to their next spot. Consider outfitting your boat with a fish finder to locate the striped bass on your fishing grounds. 

Another option is to hire a local fishing guide. Local guides are familiar with the specific patterns and behavior of the fish in nearby lakes. A guide is an especially useful option if you only have a short period of time to fish.

4. Switch Up Your Bait

Don't be afraid to switch up your bait when fishing for striped bass. If the bass are ignoring your artificial lures, try using bait fish that are indigenous to the area that you are fishing. Should the bass decide to ignore your live bait fish, you can also try casting with cut bait fish.

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