Simple Tips To Prepare for Your First Walking Sightseeing Tour

Exploring a new city can be fun, especially if you know the best places to sightsee, the history of the city, and have a good pair of walking shoes. Joining a walking sightseeing tour allows you to enjoy the popular hotspots and hidden gems of a new city with your friends and family. As an added bonus, a tour will help ensure you don't get lost along the way. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for your first walking sightseeing tour.

Secure the Proper Footwear

The type of walking tour you are attending will dictate your choice in footwear. If you are strolling through a city or small town, choose a cushioned walking shoe and light, breathable socks. For more rugged terrain, choose a lightweight hiking shoes or boot. Make sure your shoes fit properly and are broken in before the walking tour.

Never wear boots or shoes that are too bulky, too tight, or are brand new, as this can lead to blisters. If your feet are prone to blisters, consider wearing soft bandages on your heels, large toes, or anywhere else you have experienced blisters. Applying a thin layer of foot powder can also reduce friction, which helps prevent blisters.

Dress Appropriately

Wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather and the terrain. Moisture wicking clothing is always a good option, no matter what the temperature. If you are hiking or walking in weather that can change throughout the day, dress in layers. You can easily remove an outer layer when the temperatures begin to rise.

Choose clothing that fits properly, as this will help you avoid chaffing on your inner thighs and other areas. Avoid wearing denim, as denim can chaff and if it rains or your denim becomes wet, it can take several hours to dry.

Pack For the Tour

How you pack for your walking tour will depend upon the terrain, the weather, and the length of the sightseeing tour. For example, if there is a chance of rain, bring along a poncho or light raincoat that can easily be folded and fit into your backpack. Bring along sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a water bottle, some snacks, and any medications you might need. Leave some room in your backpack for any souvenirs or extra layers of clothing you might take off during your sightseeing tour.

Whether you are trekking through a national park or exploring a new city, properly preparing for first walking sightseeing tour will help ensure you enjoy the day. 

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