Planning Your Glacier Flightseeing Adventure — What To Bring For The Trip

Glaciers are easily one of the most majestic natural features on the planet. And, there is no better way to experience them than taking a glacier flight tour so you can see the icy wonders from an overhead angle. If you have booked your tour to explore the glaciers of the northern hemisphere, a little planning can ensure you have the best possible experience. While these tours are planned in a way to ensure every tourist has an awesome view, it is up to the tourist to bring what they need along for the adventure. Take a look at a few things to make sure you pack with you for your glacier flightseeing tour. 

Layered Clothing 

The temperatures can variate pretty drastically when you are taking a flight from the ground to higher altitudes to locations where the glaciers are positioned. For this reason, it is a good idea to wear layered clothing. Pants are always the best option, but you may want to consider wearing several layers on your upper body. The plane can get rather warm if you are traveling with several passengers, but you can expect temperature changes along the way. A shirt, a long-sleeved shirt or sweater, and a heavier jacket are good options to have on hand. 

Sturdy Shoes 

Closed-toe shoes or boots are the best types of footwear to wear any time you are traveling by plane. However, this is especially important when heading out for a glacier flightseeing tour. You can expect to be immersed in some pretty cold temperatures. Additionally, some flight tours will involve a brief landing to actually get out of the plane to take pictures or explore. Therefore, it will be important that you are wearing shoes to protect your feet and give you stable footing on what may be slippery surfaces. 


Even on a cloudy day, the magnificent brightness of the snow and ice can be a bit of a strain on the eyes. To make sure your eyes are protected and you get to visually see the experience without discomfort, bring along a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are the best pick. 


Without question, taking pictures is something every tourist wants to do when on a glacier flightseeing trip. Cameras without flash will likely be allowed on the plane, and you may find yourself taking a lot of shots along the way. Therefore, don't forget to bring along a fresh battery just in case and possibly an additional memory card.  

For more info about glacier flight tours, contact a local company. 

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